World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day

The World Health Organisation’s World Patient Safety Day 2023 was observed on 17 September under the theme “Engaging patients for patient safety”, in recognition of the crucial role patients, families and caregivers play in the safety of health care.

Evidence shows that when patients are treated as partners in their care, significant gains are made in safety, patient satisfaction and health outcomes. By becoming active members of the health care team, patients can contribute to the safety of their care and that of the health care system as a whole.

We spent the day in the concourse of Bradford Royal Infirmary on Tuesday 12th September showcasing the patient involvement in patient safety has played in our research.

You can find out more about World Patient Safety Day here.

Watch Professor Jane O’Hara talk about the many roles of patients and families in supporting Patient Safety.

You can read more about how patients are involved in our work here: