Bradford Community Connectors

Between January – September 2020, a group of researchers, artists, community practitioners and people who access the Millside Community Centre worked together to find new ways of listening and finding out about people’s health priorities. We wanted to make sure that the ways we engaged with people were relevant to and for them and their communities.

Please read our short report about what we wanted to do, what we did, what we found and what we learnt along the way.

You can view the PDF as a flipbook below or by downloading the PDF in the link below.

Download the Bradford Community Connectors EPPE report 2020

The three most important topics for future health and social care research included:

  1. Appreciation at being listened to
    Understanding what needs to happen for people to feel listened to in a health and social care system
  2. The role of shame in affecting people accessing healthcare or making health decisions
    The feeling of shame and how it affects people’s decisions about their health and wellbeing
  3. Navigating health services with mental health conditions
    Improving access and understanding of healthcare services for people with mental health conditions

The other topics that were identified include:

  • Navigating services as an asylum seeker
  • The challenge of questioning within the healthcare system
  • Clear guidance on knowing where and when to raise concerns
  • Racism and discrimination in health care experiences in hospitals, at the GPs and in care homes
  • Involving families or carers in medication decisions for loved ones living in care homes
  • Addressing the lack of faith in the current complaints system
  • Listening to patients about how they manage their own health and wellbeing

The artist recorded the experiences of the people that shared their views, experiences and hopes for the future of health research. there is something powerful about lifting words off a page and bringing them to life through voice.

Voice note 11 | Voice note 10 | Voice note 9

Voice note 8 | Voice note 7 | Voice note 6: Male 5

Voice note 5: Female 6 | Voice note 4: Female 6 |
Voice note 3: Female 1

Voice note 2: Female 1 | Voice note 1: Female 1